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UPnP: Could not map UPnP port map on this pass, retrying.


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Ok just to let everyone know this is not effecting my speed but i still want to know why upnp is not working and i was unsure of which subject to post this under.

since yesterday my upnp has not been working according to utorrent but if i disable upnp on my firewall and router, utorrent connections stop working. it all started when utorrent stated something like "unknown error: removing tcp port" and "unknown error: removing udp port."

all i want to know is if upnp is actually working, or if i dont need it. i know that i have forwarded the port through both my firewall and router correctly because utorrent has been working correctly for at least a month now.


diamond router - upnp enabled

mcafee firewall - upnp forwarded

utorrent 1.8 beta

thank you for any help

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thanks that worked, but then dht stopped working, but i fixed that.

i had removed utorrent from forwarded ports on mcafee to see if it would fix the upnp problem (router had issues with manual forward instead of upnp). So all i had to do was forward utorrent back through mcafee along with upnp.

by the way does anyone know how to forward all ports through mcafee instead of just one. all i can do is:

tcp/udp incoming: 54321

tcp/udp outgoing: 54321

i want to let all incoming ports through.

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