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Missing percentages when reseeding a Selective Download Task


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It only happens in selective downloading

The files that are set to "don't download" are still downloaded partly, and taking up the disk space as if they are downloaded completely.

When the task is finished, I removed the unwanted (and incomplete) files, rehashed, and now the 'wanted' files become 9x.x%.

I know the 'wanted' files are complete but it could be confusing sometimes.

Is there any settings that I can prevent this phenomenon?

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You will need to let µTorrent download the missing file piece portions to get to 100%. Portions of the file piece that belong to skipped files will be saved in a special file called ~uTorrentPartFile.dat in the same folder as the torrent content.

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Thanks for the keywords & suggestion

But if I download the missing piece, utorrent will download the big 'unwanted' file again, and the loop continue... :P

I found the thread here > http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=23573

With Pre-allocate all file is OFF all the time, I've tried

diskio.use_sparse_files | bt.compact_allocation

True | False

False| True

True | True

But the problem still exists.

It's a bit frustrating when you see wanted files became incomplete OR unwanted files were allocated, especially when the unwanted files are much larger the the wanted one.

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