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Can't Open Port


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I have a 3Com DSL Modem + Router.

The Model No. 3CRWDR200A-75.

Im in saudi arabia and my ISP is Cyberia.net.sa

I have a 256 Kbits/sec DSL Connection and my download and upload speed are as follows when tested using the speedtests.net website

Download Speed : 61 kb/s

Upload Speed : 97 kb/s

When i did that test my utorrent was closed and only one browser was open and i was testing the speed.

The icon in my UTorrent is green with a circle but when i click on test if my port is forwarding properly i get the following message

Checking port 42056 on

Error! Port 42056 does not appear to be open

I added port 42056 in my Router's Firewall's setting and did everything as stated in the forum.

I selected xx/96k in Connection Type:

I assigned a static IP Address of to my LAN connection and manually inputed the DNS and i made sure my LAN IP Address is not in the DHCP's range in my DSL modem's setting.

I chose the range from -

This is the setting i entered manually in my LAN's Properties


Subnet Mask:

MY Primary DNS :

My Seconday DNS:

I have windows XP service pack 2 and i use NOD32 version 3.0.621.0

I went into NOD32's Web settings as well and excluded Utorrent.

I have two Issues, Issue no.1 is that my port is not being forwarded and issue no.2 is the speed i get in my Utorrent is maximum 6 Kb/s

a week ago my port was forwarding and i was getting speeds of upto 25 - 30 Kbp/s in Utorrent and when i downloading anything from internet using right-click and save as option i got speeds of upto 30 Kbps.

I dont know what's wrong here

Can my ISP be the problem.

hoping to find some help here,thanks



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Well here we have like DSL internet scratch cards that you buy each month.

Last month i was using a different ISP and this month i switched to a different ISP to check its performance, so i guess that could be it, maybe this current ISP has some policy to monitor traffic and block or bottleneck it when a user downloads continuously.

And yes you are right here all the internet traffic is monitored and the porn sites are blocked and a person can get around that either using a proxy based website or some sort of software.

anyway thanks for your help, i appreciate it.

have a nice day.


Evil Crow

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