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Better use of available bandwidth


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There is something that I wish uTorrent could handle automatically:

I've been downloading old TV shows. These are often poorly seeded and frequently take weeks or even months to download particular episodes.

I'm currently trying to download 107 torrents with only about a dozen making steady connections.

Now, I am aware that every active torrent generates traffic just by being active. It sucks up bandwidth just by saying "I'm here and I'm waiting for data" or "I've got data: does anyone want it"

I have found through experimentation that if I have about 5 active torrents with good seeders and peers, I can get a combined throughput in the area of 450Mb/s. I'm quite happy with this.

The problem is that at that pace, a TV show will download in about 20 minutes, so an hour later I'll have 3 or 4 of the 5 shows I was going for. I'd love to start another 5 downloads but the trouble is, I'm off to work by then.

If I fire up all 107 torrents, the combined overhead brings my effective transfer rate to a crawl.

If I use the preferences to limit myself to, say, 5 torrents at a time, the one's that I manually select will blaze through but, when I get back from work, the computer will inevitably sit there with 5 torrents that don't have any seeds or very poor connections and just limping along. That's my current state, by the way: 13.4Kb/s on a line that can support 450. Only two of these torrents are activly running.

Hence, my request:

Give uTorrent the option of dynamically selecting the torrents to be downloaded. The user could choose how to prioritize things. Some examples -

- smallest torrents first

- largest torrents first

- torrents most close to completion first

- torrents with the highest availability first

or, my personal favourite

- torrents with the highest 5-min average throughput first

It could work something like this:

Start all torrents (in my current case, 107) and get tracker information for each.

Dead torrents (no peers and no seeds) or torrents with no seeds for which uTorrent already has everything that is available get shut down and uTorrent only checks the tracker for the status of these torrents every 30 - 60 minutes to cut down on the probably useless overhead.

Torrents that are alive (have peers or seeds) get tried, 5 at a time and a 5-minute average throughput is taken. The fastest one stays active and 4 more are tried. Again the fastest two stay, etc. etc. until all living torrents have been tried. At least one torrent slot changes semi-randomly among the fastest tested torrents to ensure that the system has the highest available throughput.

Yes, I'm aware that the world is a variable place and that a fast torrent 5 minutes ago may change and, conversly, a dead torrent won't necessarily remain dead, but it has to beat the current system that finds me coming home at night to a system that's trying to download from no seeds or peers.

My current system is to simply start all the torrents with an availabiltiy greater the.50 and put up with the crappy throughput.

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