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Trouble with Utorrent and navigation


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sry for my bad english i hope u can understand my troble...

well i'm using this great client from 2 years...but some times ago i have problems when i lunch Utorrent and i want navigate in internet...my upload is of course into limit of 10 Kb or maybe 15...and i don't download more then 2 torrent at time...before this never happened...my connection speed test result is:

DL: 1024 KiloBytes

UL: 220 Kilobytes

i applied the win xp patch for TCip.sys for the half open limit connection and i have set it to 50.

I hope u can help me.

best regards.

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mmm no , usually i limit my upload from 10KByete\s from 20KB.....why are u asking?

I'm asking because you said that speed tests showed you could upload at over 200 KiloBYTES/second.

Seems rude to only upload at 10-20 when you can do 200+.

...So I was asking if your line really COULD do 100+.

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