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strange upload speed


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thanks for the tip, but i also noticed that when I paused all my downloads they continue to upload, is that right..?

also having checked over the settings I cant seem to find the resolve ip's

and I have just noticed that the graph for the upload speed is going nuts but the actual upload speeds on each of my downloads dont add upto what the graph is showing

any help would be appreciated.

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When you pause your active torrents, download AND upload speeds should very quickly drop to 0.

You disable Resolve IPs by RIGHT-clicking in the PEERS window where the ips are (normally) resolved. That REALLY needs to be in another menu as well, as I've asked...but it isn't. :(

Did you enable the option to limit the local peer bandwidth?

What kinda crazy settings are you trying to use on your unknown capability (broadband?) connection?

Does your ISP mess with BitTorrent traffic?

Are you running uTorrent v1.8?

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using utorrent 1.7.7 (didnt go for the beta)

on a 20mb connection from Virgin media, who kinda kick me off if i start uploading too fast so i have limited it to 40kb up when not downloading and 10kb up when i am

have now disabled resolve ips, enabled limit local peer bandwidth

as far as i know the settings are at the default except for the speed limitations

and right now even though all but one download and 3 seeds are running the others still seem to be downloading between 0.1 and 0.5 (which if i am correct is the overheads running as normal?)

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Check the peers on the torrent/s you're downloading on.

If they have a lot lower percentage than you, they may have little if anything to give you no matter how fast you upload to them.

uTorrent's connection to the DHT network also eats both download and upload speed...and I think it's shown on the Speed Graph in uTorrent as well.

Try reducing your global and per-torrent max connections to no more than 100. Just staying connected to many peers and seeds at once costs bandwidth...reducing your download+upload speed.

Also, while downloading you said you're only allowing 10 KiloBYTES/second total upload and in your example splitting that amount between 4 torrents (3 seeding, 1 downloading)...and EACH torrent probably has multiple upload slots. So if each torrent has 3 upload slots, each upload slot would be averaging less than 1 KiloBYTE/second each. Peers are not really obligated (by the BitTorrent protocol) to share back when you're uploading to them so slowly. So...you'll probably see very bursty download speeds. And most of the time the download speed will be low.

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