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hello, i am new; very new. I have much more to offer than i house on my machine. i have oodles of stuff on my two 120GB [each] webspaces. i will be happy to take the time to create torrents for those files that don't already have 'em; my question is, how do i make them availalbe to you?

what i want to do is make them freely available, yet keep a oversee their [if any] activity, so my thinking is to make them 'shared' folders on my desktop. i know neither IF this will work, nor HOW to achieve it. i would appreciate any ideas, as i am anxious to give to others that which has been so generously shared by such generous folks as yerselves.

as i am not a 'forum person,' i will rarely, if ever, check back for suggestions. rather, i ask that you email any you may have to: memofromturner1949@gmail.com. should your suggestion prove do-able, you will be richly rewarded — with my autograph or photo [digital only, 5" x 7", b&w [but here's the good part: it's 45 years old…or so]. i am 58 now. i would appreciate someone surprising me with a courteous response, as the first, and until now, the only post what was posted by me was another question, and was met with a chorus of flaming vocabulary, 'twould make the chicago conflagration seem like a girl scout weenie roast. i tried to box them all and market as 'Post Toasties,' but no go.

on the other hand, those among you with bepimpled pusses spurred on to new heights by equally raging hormones, i fear may substantially drown out the gentler and kinder of the species. oh well, as the song says, "the shotgun sings the song." Here's hopin' we won't get fooled again. i bring this up in this forum solely because i think that utorrent devotees would stand the most to gain from a resolution to this issue.

thank you in advance for your time and…ahem: consideration.


a concerned american [yeah, right].

ps: though still a recovering catholic, let us not ferget what they say he said: "love thine enemies as thy love thyself." or, as buddha herself was known to lament: "burp!"

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