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ISPs that throttle/interfere with BitTorrent


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I believe that my ISP (Barak, Israel) throttles bittorent traffic. I am having a real trouble seeding. Frequent changing of ports usually helps.

How is it possible to make sure that that is the case?

That is, how do I differentiate ordinary BT fluctuations from ISP interference?

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add RCN/Starpower to the list. Im using a port in the 9000's now and it seems to work (so far) cuz I have peer.lazy_bitfield off and I've been seeding for like a week now nonstop, no drop in speeds.

My ISP would throttle my uploads speeds to zero 5-15 min after I was finished DLing. And I couldnt upload my own torrents. And my ISP would make connected peers or peers trying to connect jump around like jumping beans. They still jump some, but not as bad. Ex., I would go from having 6 peers to 15, then 8, etc.......

One more thing. I used to had to have a nice amount connected to seed. Now I can seed with as little as 2-6 connected.

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Hey all, I signed up to make this post :)

I'm on rogers extreme and I used to get throttled all the time until....I found out they use port 1720 for their VOIP, and now no problems at all. Hope this helps :D

Edit: I do still have a issue w/ rogers though. Its difficult to activate the .torrent itsefl. Pisexy.org has ".pimpie" extentions, wich works great. Only a select few sites give me this issue, ie: demonid, ScT and TorrentIt.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated :D

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@chaos: thanks... it might be a good time to change. I definitely am seeding much slower than anyone else on any swarm, and I never can max my upload (80% of it, that is), not even when I'm the only seeder on a torrent. Many times I'm the only seeder and I am not uploading at all. It's very frustrating...

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I'm on new VDSL service with a lot of problems.My connection is 10MB/10MB but:

Download is not a problem.

Upload is maximum 70-80 kB/s when using torrent.

Telephone ( IP ) stops working at that time ( can't call out/call in is OK ).

Service people have no clue what's going on,but they admit that torrents are most effected.They say it's software problem on server!!??

My new ISP is using some other ISP network ( Big Brother )who's not happy with loosing clients to new company.

They don't want to remove thunderstorm short circuit protection ( can't find better word ).

Sorry but I can't tell you which servers are in use because I don't know,but someone could still have some experience with the problem or idea.

Oh,yes TV is working fine and my line could be fine tuned to 17MB/14MB.

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Can you also list Shaw Cable of Canada as one of those ISP's that packet shape.

Can the list also use a standardized format, it'll look cleaner as the list gets bigger.

[#] | [iSP Name] | [Type DSL/ Cable] | [Country] | [Type of Limiting Packet Shaping/ Port Throttle] | [Possible Solution]

For Example:

[1] | [Rogers HighSpeed] | [Cable] | [Canada] | [Packet Shaping & Port Throttle] | [use Port 1720, Reference]

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has anything changed in build 395 with regards to throrrle handling? Ever since I switched from v1.3 stable to beta b395 I no longer have seeding difficulties :D

I still use "randomize port each time...", and I noticed that upon start up of µtorrent I always get "network ok" independent of the chosen port, but some ports give a green status if checked using the "test if port is forwarded correctly" in the "speed guide", while a few ports (2 so far) gave inconsistent status and required a restart of µtorrent to correct the problem.

I have ZA pro, cable modem, and no firewall.

µtorrent has full permissions in ZA.

Edit: the 2 problematic port situation happened on the first day that I switched to b395 and hasn't happend since.

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Sacramento CA area: SureWest's fixed wireless is shaping/throttling BT traffic. Not sure about other services they offer as I'm stuck with SW's FW or the local cable monopoly Starstream's crap service.

This is just complete B.S.!

Let's see SureWest is giving me 3meg down and 1 meg up, but I only get like 6kB/s down via BT. WTF?! WTF do I need 3MB down and 1MB up to surf the web and read email?!!! That's all I can do with their B.S. traffic shaping or WTF it is.

Starstream's CRAP cable service that they keep jacking the price up every 3 months give me 1MB down and like 128kB up (yes, that's right 128!) for like $50/mo which is complete B.S. however I can get over 80-100kB/s via BT on well peered files.

SBC's DSL is not offered on my f'ing street. Street up the road and down the road but not here.

Un-f'ing-real. It's 2006 and we are dealing with this kind of crap still.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE figure out some way for BT to be able to use the damn bandwidth I'm paying for!!!!!

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