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ISPs that throttle/interfere with BitTorrent


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i sure did... the encryption dont seem to help... i've left it open for a whole night only to see 0.9% percent of the file completed that was about 2gb.. so i am guessing it didnt do the trick.. the torrent had atleast 20 seeds.

i almost gave up all hope until i found 3web cable internet... it seems there is not one dsl service out there (besides f rogers) that provides service in my area.. anyhow.. ive been doing some research on 3web and it seems it borrows bandwidth from some other major player.. either rogers or bell.. can someone confirm which one? because if its rogers.. iam guessing the capping wont stop.. if its bell i might just hit the jackpot.... theyre giving out an impossible deal right now...3 months for 9.99 and then 26 odd dollars there on for 6mb line !! i hope this is not spamming..

fidon.. one last question.. once utorrrent goes stable with the encryption ... will it guarantee better speeds or something? because i am worried rogers will eventually figure a way out to cap it.

thanks man


As far as I know they use roger's lines. So you might have the same problem with throttling 3web.

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From Malaysia...


throttle the P2P/Bittorrent traffic in some areas....

Last time my torrent can goes up to 100kbps ...but now...1-20kbps >_<

Thanks to 1.5 protocol encryption...now I can get back at least 50-70kbps...hopefully it stays like that

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Hello, i have a question about the protocol encryption.

Luckily, my ISP "1&1" is not blocking or throttling any of my ports (also it is a reseller). But others are not so lucky as me.

So my question is: if i set my settings to "encryption enabled" (handshake with fallback) and "lagacy enabled" would it help others, whose ISPs block ports?

I am asking that, because i wonder if the handshake could be a indikator for the port filters? Or is it more usefull to force encryption?

EDIT: BTW, its my first post here :)

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Yeah, great. Nice to know. :D

Nice side effect is that it also helps those who are not blocked, because of additional upload ressource.

Should't it be than preset as a standart setting (the settings i mentioned above) in µTorrent, so it is turned on by default? It would enhance the use of protocol encryption.

Another question: does µTorrent also encrypt the packages or does it just hide the protocol?

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Have tried the free (a noble act in these times) VPN service Mouse provided and here's my feedback

The first 1-2 days

Works like a charm, able to maxed out my download connection all the time with no problem in surfing or any disconnection.

After those 2 days

The VPN connection started to d/c a lot, sites have to be refreshed a few times and having problem connecting to peers in torrents which resulted in low download speed.

The end results is really surprising, I can't explain the sudden deterioration of service. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

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Did you guys also encounter the frequent site timeouts and torrent issues or just disconnection?

Yes, I also face the frequent disconnections and webpage timeouts.. rather annoying I must say, but its still beta I guess. So gotta beat with it. Hope it won't be this way when it's paid service. Wouldn't risk paying and getting disconnected every 5-8 mins lol.

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A while ago I reported Barak (Israel) as throttling my connection.

After several talks I had with them in which they denied ever throttling bittorrent traffic, while I showed them that my connection is throttled all the same, they claimed that there must be something wrong and not intentional and that they will look into it and get back to me.

Yesterday they left me a message that my bittorrent problem was fixed, and indeed now I can max out my connection with the OOo torrent :D

It might be time to remove them from this list, although there is always the possibility that they keep throttling other users.

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[TM NET] | [ DSL] | [Malaysia] | [shape/throttle BitTorrent traffic]

the upload speed is normal with a 40kb/s, however suffer from low download speed 0-5kb/s.

and the connection speed is 1MB/512kb

Gamesky, how did you get 50-70kb/s download speed?

even with the PE on(Force), I only manage 0-5 averagely.

I can't connect to SecureIX.

get error800 everytime, but my account there keep say that it's Granted and Manage.

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