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What are the correct remote port settings for uTorrent?


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I have installed uTorrent 1.7.7 and I now need to configure the network settings to make proper outbound and inbound connections. The router is a Tilgin Vood 322 with built-in firewall, and the software firewall on the computer is Kaspersky Internet Security 8.0. I need you to confirm if the port settings I have made are the proper ones.

I have set up port 57215 in uTorrent client.

I used this port forwarding guide at PortForward.com to forward the 57215 port in the router settings.


I did not follow the port forwarding guide completely, only the last part that explains how to set up a port to be forwarded in the router. I didn't follow on the part about setting up static IP address. The method that's explained in the guide concerns with setting up static IP adress in Windows. I used what I believe is a better method. I logged on to the router interface ( and from there (Advanced/LAN Clients/) enabled the IP address for my own computer to be static so that the DHCP would always give me the same address ( I think this method is better specially when there is more than one computer connected to the router. The static IP address for the second computer connected to the router was set up the same way, but it got a different address ( of course. The DHCP will now reserve these two addresses for the two computer accordingly, so it can not be mixed up now so that first computer gets the second address and the second computer the first address after a system reboot. It stays attached this way. I can write the instructions for the whole procedure if any Tilgin Vood 322 user is interested.

What remains now is to set up Kaspersky Internet Security 8.0

For that purpose I found these instructions, also at PortForward.com. These instructions apply to Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 but one should also be able to follow these instructions with version 7.0 and 8.0 of Kaspersky Internet Security, because the settings windows have't changed much between these versions.

The forum member (angelheart) at PortForward.com originally wrote following.



I tried this and it got my green light Network ok working in utorrent.

my port setting in utorrent is 48798

Kaspersky Internet Security 6

Anti Hacker -> Settings -> Enable Firewall -> Low Security -> Settings ->

Rules For Applications -> Add -> utorrent

Edit Rules -> Add -> Rule Name -> utorrent

Properties -> Remote port (selected)

properties -> Local Port (selected)

Rule description -> Remote Port - >(enter the port) -> 6889-48798

Rule description -> Local Port - >(enter the port) -> 48789

= [

Allow Inbound and Outbound TCP connection, where :

Remote Port: 6889-48798

Local Port : 48789



Now the tricky question. As you can see he has set the local port to 48789, because that's his port setting in uTorrent (it's 48798 actually, he made a mistake I think), and he has set the remote ports from 6889 to 48789. Do I have to set my remote ports the same way? Do I have to set any remote port values at all? If yes, why do I need that? Security reasons? I don't want to be unknowingly denying connections from other people who would like to download something from my computer.

My rule for forwarding port 57215 in the router look like this:

Connection: my "dhcp" router connection

Enable: yes

Application: uTorrent1

Protocol: TCP

Source IP Address:

Source Netmask:

Destination IP Address:

Destination Netmask:

Destination Port Start: 57215

Destination Port End: 57215

Destination Port Map: 57215

Compare these details with the table at the bottom of the PortForward.com guide to see how it looks like in the actual router web-interface.

Are these correct? Doesn't UDP protocol need to be included?

Merci d'avance!

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