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How do I ensure the 'port' is closed once it has been opened?...


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Hello- my computer is having issues and even though we've tried to delete and remove all we could of these 'programs' - we're still finding that we're getting the error message that a certain site is dangerous and it is still trying to access the internet. What we really want is for our computer to no longer 'call up' this site, but we've tried everything and our system still thinks it is actively in there- we uninstalled this a week ago. Is there a way to remove this from our computer or is it too embeded into our system? We also want to be sure that the 'port' that was open is now closed. We just want to be sure our system is still safe.

Can anyone help us #1 tell if that port is still open and #2 how to get the rest of the site/program that we got the torrent from. Not sure if we should name it, but we will if needed.

Thanks so much!

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