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I cannot understand why I should have Internet Traffic flow, as indicated by both DU Meter and ZoneAlarm, when I have UTorrent open but disabled by with Scheduler, and all other Internet Programs (Email and IE) turned off.

All Internet Activity ceases when I Exit UTorrent.

Is this correct operation for UTorrent or is there some problem with UTorrent that is not obvious to me.

This Non Scheduled Internet Traffic is using up my Daily Peak Quota and is something I had not noticed untill I installed DU Meter which sits at the top of my screen and monitors Network Traffic.

Any comments will be considered helpfull.

Thank You

PS, I hope this Post is in the correct location.

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Many thanks to all helpers.

1. DHT was off. 2. I had queued torrents. 3. I found nothing like "EN-able bt.scrape_stopped, in Advanced. I would like to know more about this item and why I cannot find it on my Advanced Screen.

I believe I have found the problem. I found some torrents located in Completed section that were Forced Downloading. Reset these to Start and all Internet Traffic Stopped at once.

I hope this may help others who find their Peak Usage is in excess of what they think it should be, even though they have set Scheduler to Stop activity when Peak period commences.

I reccomend the use of DU Meter so that Network (Internet) Traffic is visible.

Thank You All.

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