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Torrent list disappears Help needed


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I am using uTorrent in an environment where electricity goes frequently about 3-4 times a day. I have configured my pc to restart itself , launch uTorrent and connect to internet automatically when the electricity is available. But most of the time when the computer restarts uTorrent, all the torrent list disappears.

I am most of the time away from my computer. My downloading stops when this happens. How can i solve this problem?

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i am using the 1.7.7 version of utorren.

I am trying to get some battery for my router and shift my downloading to laptop

or possibly shift my downloading to Azurus.

I don't know why all the list of torrents is destroyed.

I have even set the folder for placing current downloading torrents.

When uTorrent application is launced it should build the currenttorrent list automatically from the folder which i have specified. But this is not happening.

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