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Speed varies widely if I restart µTorrent


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(not sure which sub forum to choose)


My connection: ADSL connection, the modem operating in Bridge mode (I need to dial a connection to connect).

My security programs: NOD32 ver 3.0 anti virus with Comodo Firewall pro (version 3.0, latest build). The port is forwarded well, and the indicator in uTorrent shows that there is no problem with the port. I also have PeerGuardian installed and running during download.

µTorrent version: 1.6.1 (build 490). I did not update it to the latest versin because I heard about some privacy issues with versions released after BitTorrent's acquisition of µTorrent (I do not know whether it is true or false, but I am concerned about my privacy).

Problem: I am having a weird problem. Recently I have reformatted my PC and then on µTorrent is giving me a hell of a trouble with speed. My bandwidth limit is about 250KBps, whereas uTorrent is only offering me about 100-120KBps. Previous to my format, µTorrent was giving me about 240KBps on an average. Please note that I have not installed any new security applications, I am presently using the same security settings and programs (as named above) that I used before the format (the best I can remember). I have contacted my ISP, but there is no problem from their side. The browsing is just fine. If I restart µTorrent after disconnecting and then reconnecting the connection again, the speed shots up to about 245KBps and stays about the same. If I do not restart µTorrent even after reconnecting, the speed does not improve. So restarting µTorrent is necessary to get improvement in speed.

Please help me out to resolve this issue. :(

Thank you..

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We don't support 1.6.1.

All the rumors about spyware and so on are complete, utter bullshit, and if you choose to believe them, then I hope you enjoy the security holes in 1.6.1.

Anyway, you don't get any support here if you stick with that version.

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Sorry, I did not know that...anyway, I have just downloaded the latest version, and please understand that I am not that of a knowledgeable person regarding BitTorrent or networking as a whole. I shall overwrite my previous version with the latest stable built...and see if there is any improvement (though I doubt).

Thanks for the prompt response.

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If you really wanna read up on it, there's a lot of discussion on this locked subforum, but the fact of the matter is that since they've taken over, the client has been vetted time and time again by independent testers that it's not actually doing anything malicious. After all, BT isn't a huge corporation, it can't afford to do something stupid like that. :P

On that note, that IS a bizarre issue that you're having. The problem could be that all your incoming connections drop and the tracker isn't picking up the new IP...

Can you try removing ESET? You can always reinstall it afterwards. But I've seen the newer versions have been causing some problems lately.

Can you also post a HijackThis log?

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Thank you Firon :)

Removing ESET is not an easy task for me, there are lots of customizations done, and I hardly have time to redo all those. :( I can surely migrate to other AV, no problem but I am yet to find a good AV which is light on system resources as NOD32 but has a great detection rate.

Regarding HJT log, I have checked it myself (i did take some training on this ;) ), and it looks pretty clean.


Hello Firon

I have one more question- how about using AVAST!? I am already nearing to the end of my subscription for NOD32, I can easily switch to some other AV! Is there any issues between Avast and uToorent? BTW, I have been using NOD32 version 3.

Thank you.

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