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File Pieces


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Heya all,

First of all would like to say I love the work being done here, as soon as i found out about uTorrent I started using it, thanks to you developers I can actually make proper use of my computer as I torrent, like the the days when I used Az.

My Feature Request is a small addition and it may only suit me and a minority but hey! May as well try in case many other would like it as well, I'm just asking if it would be possible to add one colounm to the "Files" pane.

Like in addition to "Done" and "%" could there also be a "Pieces Done" and the putput could be like 7/256...

I think it gives a more accurate idea of how much of a file is left and if like me you download torrents with lots of files in them and you give one file "High Priority", youd like to know exactly how many pieces are left..

I cant imagine if this would be easy or not to implement, as my own coding experience is fairly limited

but if it could be i'd be very grateful!

thanks again for all the work,


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