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µTorrent 1.8 released


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I noticed the sort arrow is gone from columns now. For example, if I sort on Clients on Peer tab, no arrow appears. I recall the arrow used to appear to indicate which way the list was sorting.


It's very much still there (I'm looking right at it). Something else is up on your install/system. Start a troubleshooting thread if you want.

I guess he might have meant - on startup (not AFTER sorting). On explorer, when you start it up (on the same folder as last time) you can see the previous selected/sorted column marked with an arrow. On uT - you don't. I think we have discussed it, but I didn't notice that it's a standard behavior on Windows Explorer ...



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Sort by ETA seems "wrong" to me now. ETA sort (in order of "closest to finishing goes first") used to put all Queued or Stopped torrents *after* the active ones, now it puts them before. Shouldn't torrents that are not active go last, behind the "infinity" torrents, since they're technically "more than infinity"? (I.e., the "infinity" torrents might finish if a seed shows up, but the others will never finish until explicitly turned on.)

Also, if I have torrents seeding and files also queued to download (i.e., I am using "Seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks") and some of the seeding tasks are not uploading (no peers), then shouldn't it start some downloads? Right now it looks like it will never start downloads (with the above setting) if there are any seeds at all.

turning off "seeding tasks have higher priority" is not the right answer, since then it appears to not do any seeding until all of the downloads are done!

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i just had to register to view my point theres two things i dont like about version 1.8.. first is the "new" interface although not much have change im not too keen about the left frame reaching from top to bottom, it was half in version 1.7 and the second thing is i dont like the tracker tab it was better when you had the tracker status under general tab

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