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µRemote: a .Net GUI for WebUI


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That is correct, Ultima. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't know that only affected upload rate. Learn something new every day.

Just noticed something else. ETA: 482 hours. Any chance we could get that to say 20 days? 482 hours isn't hard to estimate, but something like 184 or 698 would be a little trickier. And since my job involves mental math that needs to be both accurate (estimated to within +/- 1) and calculated quickly (in the region of 1 or 2 seconds) to avoid lots of people ending up dead, I'd rather avoid doing it at home. :S By the time I get home, my brain is kind of fried and hates math. I can use my calculator, but it'd be a nice feature to see days for at least anything over 99 hours.

It'd help if I wasn't OCD to the point that any time I see something "184 hours" my brain doesn't isntantly feel the need to resolve that into days. :S Force of habit I guess.

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Just want to say that i love this app. For some reason I cant access the browser version of webui at work (everywhere else is fine, just not at work.) But using this app I can access it so thank you.

I also wanted to put in a request, if it's possible I'd like to see a way to control the utorrent scheduler. Just being able to turn it on or off would make my life much easier. Thanks alot.

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Wow.. Very nice GUI!! I Especially like the search button. But I'ts not perfect..

1. There is a lot of shortcuts to actions like "stop all torrents" "start all torrents", "resume all torrents" and so on. But, please, you really don't need this. You just need one shortcut for these actions, and that is CTRL-A, to select all torrents. And then you can select action by press an appropriate button. Please, just keep it simple, people know Ctrl-A, and they don't want or need to learn a bunch of extra shortcuts. Global shortcuts is no good, why? because it interferes with other applications, like photoshop for example. So please once again, remove these global shortcuts, or at least make an option to turn it off. I know it's fancy with with global shortcuts, but what you only really need is just ctrl-A and buttons. Keep it simple, keep it consistent.

2. Make an option to control what the search box will search/filter, as it looks by now it only filter label.

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µRemote 2.0 is now available:



1) Setting Ctrl + A to select all the torrent is not a global hotkey, that said, is not useful if you don't have µRemote in the foreground. Those shortcuts that you mentioned are global hotkeys because you can press it even when µRemote is minimized or don't have focus. Anyway, sound reasonable to have a way to disable those, you will find that option in Preferences / General. Maybe in a new version I'll let the user to decide every hotkey.

2) Added to the requests list.

Thanks for the feedback :)


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@matias: Thanks for your reply, I know what global hotkeys is and their purpose...

The problem is that the very basic hotkey: Ctrl + A isn't a hotkey at all...

(or it does not work work me - nothing happens when I press it.)

I didn't say that I want lot of options to custimize hotkeys. Remember µRemote isn't a major application for the most of us. So I don't think that is not needed. I just want the most basic hotkeys to work, and no conflicts with the global hotkeys.

I hope you understand me better this time.

Edit: Thx for 2.0 version, it's looking great!

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Wow! Awesome application! I agree with tjobo, being able to ctrl+a to select all in the torrent list would be great and an option to control what the search bar filters (it would be nice to be able to filter by torrent name in particular). Maybe a little drop down menu after it?

The other thing I think that needs to be added is an indication of which server you are currently connected to. Maybe in the title bar, as well as a check in the drop down list that lets you switch between servers in the toolbar?

The only things I really miss are some sort of interface for the utorrent preferences, and a side pane on the left with a list of labels, and downloading/completed/active/inactive.

I also think it would be neat if you could right click on the systray icon and/or the status bar in the app and set the max download/upload speeds like you can with utorrent.

That said, thanks a ton! Great app, I'm loving what you are doing with it :D

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