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Torrent Won't Finish, Recheck File and Back to 99.8%, Repeats The Same


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First off I searched the forum for a solution but didn't see anything pertaining to my exact situation so I thought I'd ask here. I'm trying to download an .ISO and it finishes without any problems. When I try to open the file it's corrupt. So I force a recheck and the status goes back to 99.8%. No matter what it just repeats. This has been happening to a lot of my large torrents lately but forcing a recheck usually solves the problem. It's just becoming more and more frequent.

I have a relatively large amount of RAM so I force µTorrent to use a 512MB cache so as to not wear out my hard drive. I thought that might be a problem but setting it to auto and re-downloading the torrent doesn't seem to help. My HDD has been defragged so that's not it either. My disk is pretty full, could that be a problem? It's a WD Raptor 150GB and has around 7GB free. The file I'm downloading is only a little over a gigabyte. Thanks any help is appreciated.

Vista Ultimate SP1 32 Bit

Intel E8400



ATI 4870

µTorrent 1.7.7 Build 8179

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Thanks for all the suggestions. It's seems it was a bad sector on my HDD. After scanning it with chkdsk it found a bad sector and repaired it. I downloaded the file again, rechecked it and it's at 100% and the file opens and installs fine now. Thanks for the help.

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its not a ram issue, i have the same problem and it started after i updated to the new utorrent. I need to force recheck and then download, then force recheck and download again until i hit 100% after a force recheck. Ive tried rolling back to an older version and it wont change the issue. Oh and btw, this happens with every torrent i download (even the popular ones with 10's of thousands of seeders)

i also today downloaded a torrent that is 4.36gb

in utorrent it says "file size 4.36 gb" "completed 4.36gb" "percent 88.3%" now how does that make any sense. This is obviously a bug

amd x2 4400 OC >2.53ghz

2gb ddr ram

windows xp pro sp3

ati 1600xt pcie

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