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Re-checking files (answer to some incomplete torrent bugs?)


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I've been searching on this forum for answers to a bug (which still exists in Beta build 386) when re-checking, and although I haven't yet found an answer myself, I have a workaround which may help some people who have incomplete '100%' torrents.

I use uTorrent and BitTornado (for double checking files). I use uTorrent mainly because it doesn't crash when waking up from hibernation - which is great when someone else uses the computer in their own XP logon area when you're away! The problem with uTorrent is when it re-checks files. It is fine when it checks files which are complete but occasionaly when it reaches a missing part it mysteriously appears in another file which hasn't been checked yet! This isn't too bad when the corresponding part for that file exists anyway, but if it doesn't uTorrent will still think it is complete and skip it anyway, giving the whole torrent an artificially high percentage score!

The workaround I mention really is either using another torrent client to double check files and retrieve missing parts, or to get the torrent 'complete' in uTorrent, closing uTorrent and delete the resume file reopening the torrent - forcing a recheck anyway. This alone should show more missing parts.

Hope this helps anyone until a fix is found.

Great program otherwise!

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Unfortunatly I can't give a screenshot at the mo as I would need to stop a (quickly moving) active download, but I'll try and make things clearer.

When checking completed files - nothing bad happens.

When checking incomplete files, missing pieces seem to be recorded as complete pieces in files uTorrent hasn't yet checked. Normally the last few files on the list.

For these examples, the torrent sizes have all been over 20GB and were pre-allocated using BitTornado (which shouldn't make a difference in this case).

Sorry if I was causing confusion. I hope this is clearer. I know what I want to say, but can't put it in words!!!!!!

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Certainly sorting by first piece. I would want to say a graphical glitch, but it also affects the file percentage done and amount done boxes aswell.

I don't think it's bad RAM in this case, as the later files wouldn't be loaded up yet. These peices also seem to go into random places in the files (or random as far as I can see).

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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Here are a couple of screenshots of what's happening:

The first is when uTorrent tries to check a missing piece in a file:-


The second is what the last few files look like after a while. This only happens after the first missing piece is encountered.


Hope these help.

(Editing to make the images show up!)

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Could be.

Could also be caused by incomplete pieces that have been put in place and are fooling uTorrents checking mechanism (I don't think that BitTornado is likely cause in this scenario as it keeps incomplete parts in memory until they are complete - hence the high memory usage on large torrents with this app). How does uTorrent store incomplete pieces?

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