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Problem with download speed [utorrent 1.8]


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I have problem with download files. Max download speed I have 11.9 kB/s per torrent. My max download speed is 120kB/s. When I uninstall this verison and install 1.7.7 i don't have this problem I download with normal speed.

Please help.

I redirect port and etc.

P.S. I find problem. I have limited upload speed, and I see any proportion between download and upload. For this moment i download with max speed (upload 1Kb/s), and i uploaded in night. In this moment it's imposible.


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Right, got it - 1.8 seems to cap a torrent's download at 10x the upload allowance, but only (as far as I can tell) when upload is set to lower than 4kB/s.

So setting a torrent's upload to 3kB/s seems to cap the torrent's download to 30kB/s; 2kB/s upload = 20kB/s download, and 1kB/s = 11.9kB/s download. 4kB/s upload rate or above and I hit my usual ceiling.

Is this an intentional measure to force a minimum seeding rate or something? If so, it's is a very stupid, unwarranted and troublesome new feature. Thanks utorrent, but I can be trusted to allocate my own seeding bandwidth to where it's needed most.

@Firon: I'm flying pretty much solo on 20+ seeding tasks, to which I need to dedicate all ~60k of my upload bandwidth. This idiotic new feature means those torrents will now suffer because every download task, even the hugely seeded ones, will eat up a minimum of 4k of seeding space whether they need it or not.

I understand this force-seeding feature in is ethically sound in principle, but in practice it sucks balls through a straw.

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Put your downloading torrents to 1 upload slot each, LOW priority, and 4 KiloBYTES/second upload speed. They won't be consistently using 4 KiloBYTES/second upload each at least after that. My guess is a lot of the time they're barely be above 0. Unless you're downloading from lots of seeds, your download speed WILL SUCK doing this though!

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I just downloaded 1.8 and realized that it limits download speed based on the upload speed. That sucks. It doesn't matter whether minimum rate for unlimited download is 1 KB or 100 KB. The idea of forced uploads sucks. I guess whoever the ultra-smart guy implemented this idiotic rule soon might ask for MPAA approval to download a movie.

What were you thinking by putting such a rule in the new version. You are supposed to provide a handy torrent client not to play upload-cop!

Again it sucks. not the relatively low upload requirement (low probably for now) but how you approach to the users. I download first and seed later at max speed and I don't care about your baseless assumptions about how the swarm is effected by this behavior. People get more from full seeds than crapy mnimum level uploads. If it is a private tracker they have tight ratio rules which is far more better for the swarm than your primitive attempt to force people to upload. If it is a free tracker then 4KB and only one slot does not significantly benefit the swarm.

so I probably go back to 1.7.7 for now and unless utorrent returns to its uncorrupted stage I am likely to look for another client, which respects its user!

Also I would expect at least courtesy of informing people in the changelog or even the download screen that you now try to be good cop and probably planning to become torrent god at next version!

Working almost a year on new version seems to take your senses away from you.

Keep treating your users like this, soon you will get the deserved title at history of ancient torrent clients at wikipedia or so.

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1.7.7 does it too with the global upload cap. It's nothing new (and the idea isn't new either, gotten from emule).

Why don't you upload while downloading? Even if you seed later, you do actually harm the swarm -now-. If everyone did the same thing you did, then there'd be a lot less upload to go around.

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Firon, I downgraded it to 1.7.7 and no such stupid made-up limit exists for torrents. I never use global values. When I seed, I seed all torrents. It is sad to hear that your policeman ideas dates back to 1.7. One more thing I don't want to ride a mule (which is 1.8 in your example) while I can be on a Ferrari. Mention of e-mule as an example by a torrent client provider is scandal either! do not try to blur the picture please. 1 kb or 4 kb does not make any real difference to the swarm as long as you are not in a seeder position.

Switeck. thanks for BitTorrent 101 class but I guess you guys need to take that one not me. You seem to loose the essence of BitTorrent. Also do some math.

where did you find the magic number of 4? did you get revelations? is it pegged to oil prices so it may rise to 12 soon?

Guys I ask you not to play with the numbers. it is your attitude criticized here. it seems you lost the perspective. torrent is freedom. it is not your business to decide on upload ratios but those of seeders and tracker owners. Where did you get ths freaking idea of becoming a torrent police department?

if you think what you do is a necessary and approved by the community advertise this limitation on your index page of your website and see how many copies of new version is being downloaded by users, who are clearly informed about your playing torrent-cop! I challenge you! Provide accurate information about the changes on your frontpage and see how the community reacts. Many people are not aware of this hideous action yet.

and seriously what is next? will utorrent v2.0 require MPAA or BSA approval for downloads? utorrent is always distinguished. previously with the features and speed it provided despite its size, currently with becoming the torrent client that follows footsteps of e-mule and longing for being a torrent police.

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megafonn said: "The idea of forced uploads sucks."

You don't want to share, sure...don't use BitTorrent then. Because here it is required!

It is NOT ARBITRARY to share, only that it was arbitrarily easy to "defeat" previously!

You seem to be unaware of other BitTorrent clients that have minimum sharing speed for 10 KiloBYTES/second (BitComet I believe) or 3 KiloBYTES/second PER TORRENT (BitTornado). It's not even a matter of reduced download speeds with them, you CAN'T set upload lower than those limits.

Getting 10-12 times back what you're offering is a pretty fair deal.

Even in the BitTorrent protocol papers, which uTorrent is supposed to follow...there was important sections on upload limits versus upload slots...and minimum upload speeds per upload slot. Since each torrent has its own upload slots...if you run too many torrents at once, you're breaking the rules.

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Outpost internet security pro 2008 thr is no ristriction in my firewall for utorrent all TCP/UDP ports r allowed for utorrent

my connection is 512kbps

i hav reinstalled 1.7 and its working fine (speed 50kB\s) but when i install 1.8 it gt reduced to 10 kB\s

i hav set unlimited download and unlimited upload i m seeding while downloding and m not limiting uploads and download still getting low speed download ?????

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But you don't HAVE unlimited upload speed!

You might have as little as 128 kilobits/second upload speed max.

uTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G) has a link to test speeds.

2nd link in my signature once you figure out what you have.

You can set alternate upload speed slightly (1-5 KiloBYTES/second) higher than regular upload speed...so you seed faster. :)

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Switeck, you don't want to get what I meant or you are deliberately trying to shift focus to other issues. Do not try to lecture me on the importance of sharing in torrent environment. My overall share ratio is far beyond your age despite terabytes of download. Whatever your age is I am sure of my claim's correctness, you cannot be that old. Now stop making cliche comments please.

I criticize the people who prepared utorrent client because of assuming torrent-cop position based on their delusional perceptions. More importantly hiding some important changes from the users such as this stupid forced upload-download relationship. If others who did not reach of the success level of previous utorrent versions set an example for you then so be it. But you should inform people about what you do. I checked changelog "last edited by Firon (2008-08-11 05:27:26)" and found no reference to this important change. People are struggling and seeking help at various forums because they are not informed about such a restriction.

Those who mention other torrent clients' self imposed restrictions might end-up by promoting e-mule in a torrent client's forum like someone did above! Where does those arbitrary numbers come from? 10 for ten fingers (BitComet), 3 for number of toilets in a designer's house (BitTornado) and 4 for four corners of a toilet (as a room) (utorrent). There is no statistical or technical basis for these forced rates. Software designers just decide arbitrarily because they feel they should be the torrent-cop. If I am wrong prove it why it should be 4 but not 3 or 5!

You make such a big change and avoid to share it with people despite your changelog is full of some negligible fixes or changes. What are you afraid of? Also who gave you the right to misinform users and make some of them, who apply get first seed then approach, wonder in forums hopelessly about the trouble they faced.

If you cannot explain these, at least do not try to shift focus from misinforming users and hiding some changes from them while appearing to share even smallest fixes or changes. You owe that much to those who made utorrent this popular. stop treating them as potential hit-and-runners and try to be honest!

Since I always received silence to this question so far, I will repeat it one more time prior to going with "silence is approval" approach: Since you like to play the cop, in later versions will you require MPAA or BSA approval for downloaded files too?

short note users: stick with 1.7.7 unless you are 100% sure of what is changed in 1.8 and how it affects us. If you are sure please share it with us too so we could get the information not provided by the designers!

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Did it exist in 1.7.7? No?

Does it exist in 1.8? Yes

Is 1.8 an official new version after 1.7.7? Yes

Is it a change from 1.7.7? Yes

Do all users test your beta releases? No

Do they look into changelog for what has been changed? Yes

Does it exist in changelog "last edited by Firon (2008-08-11 05:27:26)"? No

does it exist in any documentation about the software? No

While going through above questions one by one, a person can see what is hidden or not!

Do not try to manipulate the subject. Point is clear: Respect your users! Leave self-assumed torrent-cop actions aside for good of utorrent client. Users are not hit-and-runners that should be controlled by you and what harmcan 4KB do to a real hit-and-run guy?

By the way what is the magic of 4? You guys try to cover this issue. Is my assumption about toilet corners right? You pretend to know too much about the swarm quality, so please belie me on this 4KB limitation being just an arbitrary figure of your personal perceptions by proving why it should not be 3 or 5. I dare you on this.

I will not go into stupidity analysis yet. If you want to play the torrent cop then cops should serve MPAA or BSA. That might be next step with such an attitude. You will lose the trust with such avoidance!

Is it really hard to accept a mistake?

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... The fact that a per torrent doesn't exist in 1.7 is irrelevant. The fact you used 1.7 this way is unfortunate. If you don't want to be limited to 12x the upload cap for 1-3 KiBps change your client. uTorrent allows a great range of down/up-loading values all within the same small-footprint client.

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To megafonn,

SHARING IS REQUIRED BY THE BITTORRENT PROTOCOL. And if the amount was too much for you to stomach, I'd already mentioned a partial workaround before your first post, even though it's probably not good for others if you use it.

Switeck, you don't want to get what I meant or you are deliberately trying to shift focus to other issues. Do not try to lecture me on the importance of sharing in torrent environment. My overall share ratio is far beyond your age despite terabytes of download.

Your sharing history is of NO CONSEQUENCE to whatever torrent you're currently restricting the upload speed to 1 on! Private trackers may care about your sharing history...but that is above and beyond uTorrent's attempts to obey the BitTorrent protocol rules.

I download first and seed later at max speed and I don't care about your baseless assumptions about how the swarm is effected by this behavior. People get more from full seeds than crapy mnimum level uploads.

4th link in my signature spells out EXACTLY why your behavior can be DEVESTATING to torrent swarms. Even though you may not be doing sequential downloading, it's effect is almost identical. By essentially tying up what you've downloaded until you get it all...you put a substantial delay on anyone else getting any rare pieces that only you and a seed have. This forces other peers to download the same rare pieces from seeds.

The magic number of 4 was probably chosen because other BitTorrent programs (BitTornado for instance) had a MINIMUM upload speed of 3. If lower upload speeds are needed, then chances are the connection CAN'T download faster than 12 times that amount.

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Well hmmm,

Definitely experiencing some weird speed issues with 1.8 as well. But with my global capped at 60, (each torrent unlimited) I can no longer go beyond ~350k global down. Even my private trackers with like 200 seeds/8 leechers I am only connecting to a handful and not maximizing my DL speeds. I am assuming this is somehow related but I seem to be missing the point. What else has changed that would be causing this behavior because even considering the above information, I should be capped at 600k, not 300. :(


Download does not seem to be capped (top speed varies). However, I am still experiencing an overall lack of aggression w.r.t. #download connections per task. I do have an unusual amount of tasks that I am trying to finish seeding. But the slowdown from 1.7 to 1.8 is significant.

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