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One torrent, multiple trackers, but only one tracker being used...?


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I have a torrent with multiple trackers, all listed in the torrent's properties.

But only the seeders/leachers of one of the trackers is being listed, so it appears that only one of the trackers is being connected to.

How can I make it connect to more than one (or all) of the trackers listed in properties.

This should make it go faster, right? (more seeders..)?


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Alright, I guess its working then.

But I'm still confused as to why in the 'general' tab it says "534 in swarm" for seeds and "358 in swarm" for peers, which are the exact number of seeds and peers in one of the trackers. It seems to me like this would indicate that i am only connecting to that swarm from that tracker, and no others. Even though it says "working" next to all the other trackers, no other peers/seeds from other swarms, from other trackers, seem to be listed.

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