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Losing "connectable" status on trackers (Vista 32 Ultimate)


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I have recently switched from XP to Vista Ultimate (SP1). I have uTorrent 1.8 , and I'm using ZoneAlarm suite.

I have tuned off WinVista firewall, Win defender, added uTorrent to firewall exceptions (redundant, but better safe than sorry), and allowed uTorrent in ZoneAlarm.

The uTorrent is running ok, my port is forwarded as it should be, and I'm connectable. But, after some time (not exactly sure after how long, but it's a matter of hours), while everything appears normal in uTorrent (people are leeching from me, uTorrent reports green- open port, no firewall, or anything similar), when I check my status on (multiple) trackers, I'm not connectable! Rather, the tracker(s) report "Connectable: waiting"... :(

This "Connectable: waiting" status, would be appropriate if I had no torrents seeding or leeching on that particular tracker...

I'm once again emphasising that I have normal status in uTorrent, and that I have active seeds (people are actually leeching from me at the given time) from the tracker that is reporting me as "Connectable: waiting".

Restarting uTorrent solves this problem, but that is not the real solution to this problem, since I do not want to restart uTorrent every couple of hours.

Thank you for replies, in advance




While doing nothing to try and correct this little annoyance, it seems it went away... :o

Hope it doesn't happen again... Maybe my ISP was to blame... Who knows...


*Another Update*

It's back... :(

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I'm having this exact same problem, only with 1.8.2/3, vista home premium, and just windows firewall. I've got exceptions, i've even tried compatibility modes, and now i'm on to trying Bittorrent (though i fail to see a difference between the two). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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