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Load completed torrents after switching from Azureus/Vuze


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N00b here to utorrent -- like it, looks clean.

I'm switching from Vuze after several happy years with Azureus. Have about 150 current completed seeds I want to share.

Forum indicates procedure is a one-by-one load of a .torrent, point the destination at the specific folder with the completed files, repeat for each one.

Is there some simpler way to load these completed files?


-- Roy Zider

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Examining your guide closely, it does not appear that this will do it. It refers specificially to single folders with multiple torrents/files. I have 150 torrents, each in its specific folder (as is normal). It appears this will require a one-by-one migration. I haven't tested it yet since I have to set up a copied area where I can test this migration, without fear of losing the source torrents and their already-completed files.

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Preliminary tests indicate that in fact it can be done -- have placed .torrents in ..\AUTOLOAD, created ..\wip and ..\done for .torrents in process and completed, and pointed 'put new downloads in' to a test master folder containing the subfolders with a set of already completed files.

Just to be perfectly clear on what I'm trying to do, the setup I'm trying to migrate is like this:


..\torrents\done\<program 1>

..\torrents\done\<program 1>\file1.zip

..\torrents\done\<program 1>\file2.zip

..\torrents\done\<program 1>\file3.zip


..\torrents\done\<program 1>\filen.zip


..\torrents\done\<program 2>

..\torrents\done\<program 2>\file1.zip

..\torrents\done\<program 2>\file2.zip

..\torrents\done\<program 2>\file3.zip


..\torrents\done\<program 2>\filen.zip


..\torrents\done\<program m>

..\torrents\done\<program m>\file1.zip

..\torrents\done\<program m>\file2.zip

..\torrents\done\<program m>\file3.zip


..\torrents\done\<program m>\filen.zip

The .torrent for any given <program x> creates the subfolder for the program, so it's already cooked into the .torrent itself.

I'll report back when I've verified these initial findings.

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