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NOOOOOB!-How do i know what speed connect I have and what's normal?


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SOooo stuck here....windows XP- i DO get downloads- right now some are at .3kb/s and another is at 53 kb/s. Are these normal values? they are only movies, music or music videos that i download ever.

I have the yellow flag at the bottom of my screen that I can't get rid of but everything seems to download anyways. is this normal?

I'm in Canada and can't figure out (no matter how much i read lol) the port forward thing and i don't want to screw up my pc as i'm at work (shhhh!)

I don't get the differences of values (as it suggested i play with the values?) of upload and download...I use a random port...I've used ports suggested by other ppl but it's always about the same. I'm usually around 20-40 kb/s

trying my d*&^&^est to figure this stuff out but i usually just leave it alone and let it do it's thing over a number of days lol...soemtimes i can get an album in a few hours...

should i leave well enough alone as i don't know what the hell I'm doing? i hae the new utorrent now but everything seems the same :)



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