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Internet Connection issues.


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Hey Guys,

I've gone through Swick and Firon's troubleshooting guides over and over optimized my preferences to your specifications yet I've hit a weird issue.

At home I'm running a LinksysWRT54G with DD-WRT firmware. I have a static DHCP IP address set up for the laptop only. Green icon and up and down speeds are well below the threshold of my max speed. After a few minutes all my internet based programs accessing the router are toast EXCEPT uTorrent. uTorrent chugs along great but anything on the network trying to access any other port is dead. Wifi phone - dead. Game consoles - no dice. Other laptops trying to access mail/web browsers - no go.

So on a hunch I brought my torrenting laptop to the office. No optimized router settings. Red icon. I can surf fine and I have good U/D speed. Doesn't seem to affect any other devices on the network either.

I haven't tried to check to see if my ISP is throttling but I'm open to any suggestions.. Changing the forwarded port maybe?

Let me know what you guys think.

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Had DHT enabled - nerfed that and I'm good to go. The icon is cycling from Yellow to Green but the port checker is coming back OK!

Thanks guys!

BTW I'm at 150 total cnxns with 8 half opens and running the latest version of uTorrent, NOD32 3.0.621.0, and Windows Vista SP1 fully updated just in case people are having similar problems.

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