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uTorrent problem solved


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Somehow, the security Windows update KB951748 crashed the uTorrent program (and I don't have ZoneAlarm). My connection is 1Mb/128 and is set 64/10, port forwarded, and patched system. Well, after the update, the maximun speed for well seed torrents was 10 Kb/s, and trackers went offline soon after the torrents started running.

Having almost go mad trying to solve this, did the following:

- Removed the update.

- Reboot.

- Cleared the DNS cache and ipconfig.

- Reapplied the Event ID 4226 patch.

- Reboot.

- Removed settings.dat and settings.dat.old.

- Deleted the settings for uTorrent in Windows firewall and configure them again.

- Reconfigured uTorrent.

- Rebooted the modem.

And everything is back in order again. How could this update cause such mess is beyond my knowledge. Inputs anyone?

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