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Multiple display solution


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Hi everyone!

And many thanks for developers of uTorrent for this great program!!!

I have a trouble, then I set multiple display configuration uTorrent begins show main window always in the last monitor of set, but I think it can show it on the main monitor.

That's information for feature releases and not need to fix it immediate.

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No. Sorry, but English is not my own language.

I'm try to explain more correctly.

I have monitor and in the system it's a primary visual device. Start menu and other OS item display on it. And I have a secondary visual device, it's a plasma TV connected to PC.

Then I configure my graphic card for using both devices in "DualView" mode, uTorrent begins start on the secondary display, not primary.

But secondary display a lot of time are switched off, and after start uTorrent I need to switch on my TV and move uTorrent window to primary display.

I make small experiment and change order of my displays. I set TV as primary visual device and monitor as secondary and then I start uTorrent it's start on my monitor because it's was secondary.

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If program minimized to tray, it save window position and state, but if I restart PC position will be reset to secondary display.

And I think I find solution. I've Windows Vista installed, today I upgrade it to SP1, and problem was solved!!! Now it's remember monitor where uTorrent window has been before restart.

I don't now why???

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