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wrong moving completed torrents


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Ok, let's say i have downloaded torrent and it is stored in default path for storing downloaded torrents.

I want to seed another torrent which is the part of stored torrent/data presented as subfolders&subfiles. After checking files they are moved again from subfolders of already stored torrent to default store path. Even against "move only from the default download directory".

E.G. default download dir: "X:\Download torrents\"

default for store dir: "X:\Download torrents\Store\"

Having downloaded torrent with content "SomeDir\SomeDir2\" to

"X:\Download torrents\Store\SomeDir\SomeDir2\"

And then checking "SomeDir2\" for seeding from other torrent - it will be moved after checking to

"X:\Download torrents\Store\SomeDir2\" instead of leaving as is in

"X:\Download torrents\Store\SomeDir\SomeDir2\"

Possible cause in first message (strcpyn(src, def_path_to_store, sizeof(def_path_to_store) - which is wrong cuz subfolders exist)

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