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error 'insufficient disk space' while there's plenty of space


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Hello all, I need some help over here.

I saw the previous topic on this error but it gives me no help.

With utorrent 1.7 (and older) I could dl 10 files at he same time with no trouble at all.

Now I updated to 1.8 and keep getting the error 'insufficient disk space'.

Now I can only dl 1 (!) 700mb file at a time!

-the disk is not full (30+ gb left)

-the disk has ntfs

-utorrent is set to 10 dls max

Utorrent updated to 1.8 without uninstalling the previous version.

Plz note that I changed absolutely nothing in any setting...(neither pc or utorrent)

I use xp sp2


While typing this post, even the last dl had stopped due to insufficient disk space...!

but there's still 30+ gb free disk space left :(

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I`m getting this problem to using 1.8 (11813) i`m downloading files of 10Gb+ each and i`m finding i`ll come back to the computer with the 'insufficient disk space' error when there is loads, all i do is press `force start` on the download and it carries on like nothing has happened ... so what decides the error the tracker or utorrent?

using XP with SP2 and NTFS on HD`s

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Doubt it because this didn`t happen with bittornado and i`ve only just changed to utorrent, 7.5Gb in this case had already downloaded of the +10Gb MKV file and there is 100Gb`s of space. This problem hasn`t happened on less than 1Gb files like say an Xvid and i`m not sure if it does it on large torrents that are cut up into lots of Rar`s i`ll have to check and see next time if it happens.

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I just upgraded to 1.8 as well, and am experiencing the same symptoms. I'm downloading 5 torrents between 400mb and 1.1gb in size, to an NTFS drive, and periodically as I return to check the dls, I'll find one or two have stopped with the "Error: There is not enough space on the disk." All the files are "pre-allocated", so I can't see how disk space could be the problem. I restart them, and they may or may not stop again during the download. Seems like they're stopping every 1 to 5 minutes. Out of the five, I see it is happening to the bottom 2 only at this time. Before when it happened, it was to the bottom one of 5, but the other 4 were just seeding, already dl'ed. I say bottom, that is the bottom 2 of the listed DLs as they appear, although the "#" column says "1 5 4 2 3", so the bottom 2 are DL 2 and DL 3. What else can I do to help diagnose this problem? I see a mention above about running Process Monitor, where do I find this?

Also, the 2 DLs that are having problems have over a thousand seeds, while the other 3 have under 10. The fastest DL is having the most errors.

Hasn't happened for about 5 minutes now.

Running on Windows XP SP2, been using uTorrent for a long time, never had a problem until 1.8.

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Process Monitor can be found here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896645.aspx

FYI there are a few different kinds of error messages you might get:

"Error: The disk is full."

"Error: File exceeds filesystem size limit"

"Error: There is not enough space on the disk."

"Error: There is insufficient disk space to complete operation."

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Well, my 2 fast DLs have completed, after several restarts. Now my 3 slow DLs are proceeding just fine. I'll get a process monitor and be ready to use it the next time I have fast DLs going (100kB/s+). I have to seed one of the DLs for a while, but once it's done I'll look for more DLs with lots of seeds and grab them.

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Just to throw it out there, I'm having the same issues. And it all started when I installed 1.8. My only recourse is to force start every now and then (most files are 700mb)... I dumped a ton of old data from the drive even though there was 50+gb free.

Any simple suggestions welcome...!

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Exact same thing happening here! I have over 100gigs left and trying to download a 700mb file.

I also tried 'Vuze' which seemed to work perfectly, but I really don't like the program so I need to try and find a fix for this.

Any recommendations? I'm a complete noob though so no complicated stuff unless it comes with an idiot's guide :D

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Since no one else seems interested in fixing this I went ahead and registered after watching this thread for a few days.

I'm also getting this problem. At the time one of the downloading torrents pops up the error about insufficent space I also get an error message in the logging window:

[2008-08-20 23:08:18] IO Error:112 line:447 align:512 pos:42347008 count:1049088 actual:-99

[2008-08-20 23:08:18] IO Error:112 line:671 align:512 pos:42347431 count:1048576 actual:1

pos and count are always different but the rest doesn't change and it always comes in groups of two like that.

Ill try running the fragile build but I'm not sure where to find the crashdump offhand. Ill look for it after crashing it.

On a side note though I noticed the errors became much less frequent after I disabled PeerGuardian. I have no idea how that would be related and could simply be coincidence but its an observation.

{edit} Oh and the specific error is "Error: There is not enough space on the disk.".

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