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Is it because I'm a Kiwi?


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I started downloading the good-old Warhammer beta bit torrent and its speed is incredibly variable.

For a start my isp is Slingshot and I have a "broadband" connection of 256k/128k, and yes, I'm in NZ - somewhere at the bottom of the OECD for internet, with appalling infrastructure that is commonly overloaded etc.

Speed tests yield true statistics of roughly 120/40.

5d 14h and I've got 8.05gb/9.33gb downloaded. The first 48 hours of downloading went at speeds of 0.5-10kb/s, then next couple of days things suddenly improved to be 15-40, with a high of 50-60 for an hour or so one night. Woke up the next day and it was back to 1-10kb. Occasional bursts at up to 20-30 but mostly it's meandering along in the gutter.

(For comparison direct downloading usually goes at about 10-20kb/s)

Port is forwarded, I tried many of the recommended things one at a time for slow speeds, and in combination to absolutely no success. But given that it is so volatile I wasn't expecting much.

Upload is capped at 10k.

It's just a bit depressing going to sleep one day expecting it to be done overnight and waking up to a revised time line of 2 weeks to go... (also seeing peers downloading at +100kb/s is really demoralising)

I know I'm almost done (although eta is still jumping from 1-5 days lol), but I've got a mate starting to download in a similar boat set to take about 3 weeks (and he's on a faster plan with the same isp).

Is there much we can do given we're so far away from the world with pretty limited plans and a crap national framework?

Or is it just because there are only say 3-6 seeds and 30-70 peers?

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Have you tried the 2nd link in my signature?

If you're only uploading at 10 KiloBYTES/second...that's roughly equal to the 128 kilobits/second upload settings.

Is uTorrent's half open connection limit is at the default of 8 still?

(You may need to lower it to 1-4 for testing...)

Disabling DHT, Local Peer Discovery, UPnP, and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window)...may at least reduce bandwidth needed.

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oh yeah, i forgot the bits/bytes thing... doh.

Cheers for the response Swi - i did try most of the stuff your second link advised before i made my OP - but yeah hard to see a difference when it's swinging around so much anyway.

Guess I'll just have to suck it up, hope I get lucky and hit a fast patch, and wait out the next couple of days.


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Australia gets their bandwidth from the "leftover" bandwidth that Singapore decides to give away.

New Zealand gets the crumbs that Australia decides it didn't need. :P

I've heard that New Zealand ISPs have monthly bandwidth quotas of less than 1 GigaBYTE.

Dial-up 56k modem could do 1 GB in less than a week...or potentially just over 10 GBs download in a month.

Watch out that uTorrent doesn't shoot past your quotas...if you ever get it running "good". :o

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Oh I'm on a colossal quota of 25gig!!!! (Plans since reduced to 15gb but "offpeak" not counted).

Yeah regarding NZ plans they're appalling - we rank about bottom in OECD for speed/cost/data/everything-internet.

Typically you can get high-to-"unlimited" speed, but you'll be on a 1-5gb cap... and by unlimited it's qualified as "whatever speed your line can handle" in NZ this is jack-all lol.

The more data you want the slower your connection, OR the more you pay.

On rough conversions - My 25gb, "256/128" monthly plan costs me $25US, and what I actually get is a lot slower than that.

For a plan giving 15gb cap (offpeak uncounted) with "unlimited/unlimited" it will cost you something round $40US a month.

And what is this "cable" thing I hear Americans talking about??? or for that matter ADSL2 (apparently our lines can take it, but the phone exchanges couldn't actually handle it if it became for public usage)? :P

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I'm hoping once the new link is completed near the end of this year between Australia and the US... that stuff like this gets shoved into the trashbin where it belongs. http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/09/21/google-plans-undersea-pacific-cable/

I'd imagine once better internet for Australia happens, it should fan out... since telstra is pretty big around there right?

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