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Schedule - turning off DHT?


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My first post, hoping someone can help out.

I currently work from home but log into my company's servers via VNC for email. I cannot have uTorrent sending or receiving any packages during these times and was wondering if this solution would work out...

During the times I am working I've set up a schedule to block access and marked "Disable DHT when turning off". Will this keep utorrent from transmitting completely?

Also, a better solution if anyone knows how would be if I could make uTorrent stop when my ip is that of the VPN. Maybe via a firewall program but I'm not sure where to start.

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If you disable DHT in Scheduler (or disable DHT everywhere)...and have Scheduler set to TURN OFF during the hours you're on VPN, that should prevent all outgoing traffic.

Disabling incoming legacy connections AND setting half open connection limit in advanced settings to ZERO could be used as a more extreme form of "stop"...though just stopping all torrents would probably work too.

In any case, you'll need DHT disabled while doing VPN. It doesn't use a lot of bandwidth, but it can make quite a few small UDP packets.

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