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Unwanted Incomming Connections


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Just joined the forum and already feels good writing the first post.

Like most of the users I've been using Azureus for a long time and recently shifted to uTorrent. I remember using uTorrent when it was launched, but I gave it up because of lack of features. Now I see uTorrent as a better client than Vuze mostly because of light cpu usage.

The problem which I'm facing -

I used to download contents and then seed it for a long time in Azureus. I did the same thing in uTorrent, i.e. downloaded content and then seeded it. And here the problem started.

Whenever I turned uTorrent off, there was always some activity on the port uTorrent used. Some incoming traffic which I don't want. I checked with Sygate which showed many IPs trying to connect to my IP on uTorrent's port on my computer, but thankfully Sygate blocked it.

I thought of using ipfilter and included all these IPs which Sygate showed and blocked them. But still uTorrent's port shows incoming traffic, for more than 12hrs now.

I also tried proxy servers, but then tracker problems started, and all blue icons turned to red, so I disabled proxy servers again.

So, what should I do if all I want is that when uTorrent stops all the connections I made with it too stop. Just like it does in Limewire or other p2p apps.

The strange aspect is, this never happened on Azureus, why is it happening with uTorrent. If I don't fix this problem soon, my ISP will ban my ports for sure.

Another similar post which I found on the forum,


Would be pleased if someone can post a solution for the same.



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