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Deleted labels still in RSS Downloader combobox


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Dunno where I should've put this but here goes.

I noticed that the RSS Downloader dialog remembers labels you typed in, even then they are deleted.

I had already created a persistent label "Foo".

Suppose I made a filter and set label "Foo" to be applied".

Afterwards I delete the "Foo" label, but it still is displayed on the RSS Downloader dialog.

Once you open the combobox however, it's gone.

I have no idea what will happen if you download something with that filter in this situation, I'm guessing a temporary filter will be created.

Which in this case would be "Foo".

I assume it will not crash things, but it makes more sense to also delete said label once it's removed from the "persistent" label list.

What do you think?

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