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How query choked/interested status of peers?


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I'm offering 20 torrents (about 35 GB), but none are uploading, and only 8 MB uploaded in last 12 hours. All have 1-5 seeders and 0-10 peers. I'm thinking that for some reason I'm choked by the peers, so they're not downloading from me. All the Got Have/Send Have traffic looks OK, and not getting any errors in Logger. But not getting any choked/interested status info either.

How do I query their choked/interested status? I can't find anything in the Logger that shows that information. Am I "snubbed" and if so, how do I find out and un-snub my ip?

Thank you in advance for your help.

-- Roy Zider

Running Windows 2003 Server, DHT/UPnP/NAT-PMP disabled, network status light green (OK), no proxy server, torrent traffic not encrypted, ADSL line xxx/384kbps, Linksys BEFSR41 router Firmware Version: 2.00.02, Feb 14 2007, ISP claims not throttling (sonic.net, Northern California)

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xxx/384 kb/s is 384 on the upload. Yes, if all 20 were uploading at once that would not be good. The problem is that none of them are uploading at once. In any case the max connections is capped at 5, so only 5 would be open at once in an active serving/uploading state.

Misspoke earlier -- changed Preferences | Bandwidth from defaults to below values. At the moment., don't know where the 5 came from.

Preferences | Bandwidth | Number of connections:

Global max number of connections: 230 --> 23

Max connected peers per torrent: 80 --> 8

Number of upload slots per torrent: ?? --> 4

Checked use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%

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thelittlefire :

Yes it would be helpful to have a flags column, but there isn't any on my v1.8 that I can find. Of course, it's probably hiding right under my nose somewhere, but at the moment and for the past week or so it hasn't made it's presence known to me. If it had, I'm pretty sure I would not be posting this message, but maybe asking what all the flags meant instead.

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OK -- see the 'Flags' colum under the 'Peers' tab. But this is tab only displays information during active down/up activity. It is blank if there are no transfers, which kind of defeats the purpose of trying to find out why the peers are not connecting to you.

In any case, there are no 'flags' shown for the connection traffic on the Logger, which is where it could be captured and analyzed. Or am I still missing something here?

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