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uTorrent 1.8 - Downloads/torrent hovering at 20-10KB/s


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-Im on a 1500/256 plan with Bigpond.

-I have checked for throttling, did the 7min test which came back negative.

-I use a Netgear Router - DG834G, portforwarded - got the speedguide option to be sure of it

-I have done numerous speed checks WHILST torrenting and while NOT torrenting, and either way it confirms the fact i can still dl to about 160-170KB/s (which is what i usually get)

-The problem only seemed to of occured when i got utorrent 1.8

-I have checked the issue on 3 computers (of course all are portforwarded etc) and the same problem occurs (using 1.8)

-My computer is pentium 4, 3Ghz, 1GB Ram, windows XP PRO SP3

-I have read the guides, FAQ, Googled for a while and searched forum for a bit.

-As the title suggest my downloads hover at the 10's OR lower, all announcers are working, no firewall problems, Encyrption chucked on anyway, All torrents have a blue download arrow. This is not referring to my total download, but the download speed per torrent :D!

-Green tick symbol on bottom panel

-Doesnt mention download limited

I think i covered everything.... Well yeh... anything else just tell me and ill get the information.

Oh btw Hi, im Ren, pleased to met everyone :D!

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Ahhhh thanks, i just read your other posts.

A good note for everyone: If you put an upload limit on EACH torrent it will also affect the DL. (if no one has realised or said anything about it) E.g. Ul limit on torrent 'a' @ 1KB the download limit will be stuck at about 20KB (for only that file). I played about with it and it does make a big difference.

Thanks Firon !

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Well putting the bandwidth limits on the torrent really helped but I am still having issues. It's not downloading at the speed I think it should. Before this suggestion was made, I was sluggin at 20kB-40kB/30kB-70kB yes the upload was higher even going at 100kb some times. My speed test was 15420dn 1590up Kb/s and I made the manual adjustments at 80% of that in kB form as instructed in the guide. Didn't help, and I've had speed issues before. My network connection is green. My ISP is Comcast and I have no idea what the service bandwidth is. I'm using a BFSR41v3 Linksys Router with latest firmware. It has no problems and has good security, but it's a bitch to get working. I have a port opened for using uTorrent and it works. There is no bandwidth throttling from Comcast. Yet I can't seem to get good speeds out of this app. Thanks to Ren's suggestion, instead of getting the usual 20-40kB download i'm around 180kB-200kB (still slow) with upspeed at 120kB-135kB. I have disabled DHT, PnP mapping, and Local Peer Discovery. I also disabled resolve IP's in the Peers tab menu.

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Try choosing xx/768k from the Speed Guide, then raise the upload cap to 100. If this makes things worse, you may be overloading the router and might need to lower the connection count.

Your speeds will vary a lot depending on the quality of the swarm, so your speeds may actually be fine.

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