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Slowwww Uploads, Details


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Actually this happened (out of the blue) a while ago - about a day before I downloaded 1.8 - but I've be so busy I haven't been able to get to working on it till yesterday and I'm still stumped after hours of twinkering.

It's not max upload or download. or anything. I've been using uTorrent a long time and at different houses I've lived in I've forwarded the port, set a static IP, so I know none of those solutions are working. I've also gone over the sticky and FAQ with a fine-toothed comb.

I'm using Shaw, which is on the bad server list, but Shaw was still working at adequate upload speeds for months before this happened.

Basically my upload is stuck at 20-25 kB/s (sometimes a bit higher), whereas before it always worked at its limit of 47. The upload speed for each torrent (and peer) is quite sporadic. I have a bunch of torrents finished and sitting waiting to be seeded so I can try quite a few different ones, but I always get the same results.

My download speeds have also suffered, but not quite as seriously.

This is very annoying, because I like to seed to 1.5 or more if a torrent is badly seeded, but this is just too slow, and I can't really leave my laptop on 24/7.

Sorry if this sounds terse, but I'm just trying to give all the details that I think might be relevant. Thanks for reading this.

EDIT: oh, yes, and when I do those speed tests, I'm getting normal speeds, namely an upload in the early 50s range.

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Also try the 2nd link in my signature...it gives more conservative uTorrent settings.

It helps for the unstable/unreliable connections.

If you've been trying to upload faster than your line's rated max for a very long time, your ISP may have started throttling you. :(

Many ISPs have stated or unstated max bandwidth quotas that they allow every month...and if you exceed those quotas, you get automatically throttled/crippled/downgraded. :(

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