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Slow Speeds?


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I've just had a head crash with my old harddrive. I've lost almost everything! (makes me want to cry) But I was able to recover some stuff that I had on a few cds and whatnot but I've lost the settings I had for utorrent. And now once again my speeds sucks now. I'm running Windows XP, Symantec Client Firewall. I just "installed" the beta verson 1.3.1. I run a dsl connection but throught a Wireless-G USB Network Adapter. I know that It's bad to connect your web through usb but my Step Dad his the house wired through this box and I have no earthy idea what data jack is what through that box and the dude who wired it I can't get in touch with. If you like I could post a photo of it and maybe one of you could find out whats what. The dude had some kind of think that told him what cable went to what jack but I don't know what that was or where to get one. Well yeah so my speeds suck but it's better then dial up so I'm not going to bitch. Here are my stats from http://www.dslreports.com/

Welcome to BBR! Run more tests! see forums

2006-01-05 01:28:58 EST: 1044 / 210

Your download speed : 1044 kbps or 130.6 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 210 kbps or 26.2 KB/sec.

Oh I also have NET OK.

You can delete this if you want and I just take the speeds I'm getting but if you want too feel free. :) Well thanks.

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