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Capping upload in "add new torrent" caps download too!


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Hi guys, my first post here and unfortunately a cry for help!

I have a VIP account on the main tracker I use, which exempts me from needing to upload to maintain a ratio. With the older versions of uTorrent I was able to cap my upload to 1 in the "add new torrent" dialogue and my download would still go at top speed. If I try that now though, it auto caps my download to 10kb/s.

Now, this isn't a huge issue on older torrents as I barely upload on them anyway but if it's a new one I upload at nearly 80kb/s which hinders my download speed and browsing. I paid for VIP so I don't have to deal with that lol. I see the benefits of this, obviously. Capping your upload on a public torrent is out of order but I don't do that anyway. But on this one site (which is the one I use 99% of the time), I do do it.

Is there any way around this? I don't wanna rollback onto 1.7.7 as the tree dialogue has been re-added into 1.8 which is an amazing feature and I don't wanna lose it again!

Thanks for any help in advance :)

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This is a bad feature. I've rolled back to 1.7.7. Why? At times I like to download and seed at the same time. I cap the upload on my downloads to 1, but leave my new seed upload wide open. Obviously any cap on the total up bandwidth can't be.

I am seeding new torrents all the time. As my seeding and downloading is on the same hard disk, I can maximize my up bandwidth by having no downloads running. So when I do turn on my downloads I want then to come in as fast as possible, so I can quickly go back to only seeding.

I've turned off the auto-check for a new update so not to be nagged. I'll look at the versions in my peers window to see when 1.8.1 is out.

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You upload faster if you give uTorrent an upload speed limit close but not above what your connection can sustain.

Otherwise, when you exceed your connection's rated max, your ISP randomly destroys excess packets to get upload speed down under max. Sometimes the packets destroyed are more important than others...such as ones requesting to download more from peers. (SYN-ACK packets) This can cause download speed to plummet.

Lost upload packets meant for other peers means the peer has to demand you slow down, then renegotiate and re-request the packets that got lost -- increasing bandwidth USED but not upload speed.

Setting your upload speed to 1 KiloBYTE/second...but not reducing upload slots on a torrent -- means other peers will see you as a bad source and quite likely might snub your ip and refuse to upload back to it. They may even disconnect from you because of it! Even lowering upload slots to 1 and/or raising upload speed slightly can vastly reduce that. If you can give more than 2 KiloBYTES/second upload speed PER upload slot, they may even give you more of their upload speed than they give to most everyone else. So you may be giving them 3 KiloBYTES/second and getting back 10+ KiloBYTES/second. This will allow downloading torrents to download quicker so you can get back to only seeding.

If lots of people (not even half) lower their upload speed while downloading, then everyone will need LOTS MORE connections at once to reach reasonable download speeds. Using lots of connections at once lowers upload speed...it's a vicious cycle. :(

The alternate upload rate while not downloading can be used to maximize your seeding rate, since while only seeding your upload speed can be at least 1 possibly 10 KiloBYTES/second faster than your normal upload speed without any problems.

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