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Help me configure UTorrent


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Could someone please help me with my UTorrent speed settings please, as I'm getting confused with kbits, kbs, kb/s, kilobytes, kB, kbytes, etc.

Here's a 'good median' shot of my Speed Test


What speed do you suggest I select in the Speed Test/Connection Type?

Also what do you suggest for BANDWIDTH Settings:

Max Upload Rate (Kb/s) ???

Max Download Rate (Kb/s) ???

This should be easy for you pro's out there,

'Many Thanks' in advance for your help,


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Knowing whether your ISP is hostile to BitTorrent traffic would also influence what settings I'd suggest for you.

Also, even what brand of modem and router...and whether you're using wireless/USB to connect to them...can force lower settings.

(Wireless/USB, Belkin/D-Link routers = lower connections, disable DHT, disable UPnP, disable Resolve IPs.)

Try the 192 kilobits/second max upload speed settings in the 2nd link in my signature. These settings are somewhat close to what uTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G) suggests for xx/192k...but more conservative in total connections.

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