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How do you guy solve the half-open TCP limit in vista?


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If you've already running a torrent for a little while and you're not firewalled, you could set it to ZERO and still get new incoming connections. Eventually on a busy torrent, you could hit max connections that way. You'd likely only do it a little faster that way with half open set to 8, since many of the ips uTorrent tries are to disconnected peers and seeds...or they're firewalled and block you from connecting to them.

On torrents with fewer than say...30 peers+seeds, even with half open connections set to 1 it doesn't take more than probably 5 minutes and maybe even 2 minutes to check all those 30 ips once. And if they didn't answer you in that 5 minute check, would it be quicker to keep rechecking ALL of them every second? That's what BitComet does...it can retry an ip stupidly quick and even try to make multiple connections to the same ip.

In short, 8 half open connections is plenty enough. Even 4 is more than enough on slower torrents. If you're firewalled, things will be a little slower...but that's going to be true regardless of your half open connection limit!

Were you to set half open connection limit really high, it would be using up appreciable amounts of your download and upload bandwidth...ironically MORE upload than download, which you probably have the LEAST of.

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