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Upload speed higher than download speed(slow)


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I now get around 40-50 kB/s for upload speed and 5-20 kB/s for download speed in utorrent. The torrent that I'm downloading has 3(4) seeds and 8(16) peers.

Upload speed - average of 476 kb/s

Download speed - average of 4550 kb/s

Max. upload in settings - 47 kB\s

Global max connections - 100

Max connected peers per torrent - 40

Upload slots per torrent - 4

Portforwarded correctly - Yes

Static ip - numbers make it slower)

OS - Vista 32 bit

Anti-virus - AVG free

Router - Linksys WRT54G version 3

ISP - Shaw Canada

I'm using a wireless connection on my laptop. Before I always got 200-400 kB/s download speed but from then on I get slow download speeds.

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