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Graphical Bug


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Also if after the bug appears you change to other torrent (with shorter filename) - this issue remains, means you can't read nothing in "Total Size".

The problem is real, when you have few torrents with very long names, especially if they have the same first part of the name, but second part is different (for example CD1 and CD2, or different release) - then you can't understand the file name.

Probably the same bug will appear if you use long path to save downloads (in line "Save in" and "Hash").

it will be good to leave for these info two lines, instead of one (as it is now).

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truncating is not a good idea.

if you have two files:



then truncating will not work for you:



better will be with two lines:





ok, we talk about torrent names here, but what about Save In?

is there the same bug?

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You could also try truncating it more intelligently based on the same field's data on other torrents. So for example:





That would require keeping all these fields in sorted lists in memory though. Not sure if it would be worth it. And then you've got the problem of what if there's an elipsis inside the filename? I'll risk a guess that rich text is not possible in the current code for these fields, and that's probably the only way to make the truncation really reliable (change the text size or color or something for the elipsis so that it doesn't look like an elipsis from the filename would look).

But about the long ones making it impossible to read the labels on other torrents with short ones... that almost seems like a repainting issue but we're probably better off changing the behavior so that it's never neccessary to check if repainting is needed in these cases.

My $0.02.

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Yeah, I was talking about truncating them more intelligently in the middle of the string to avoid multiple different strings truncating to the same string. It's overkill for sure; an elipsis at the end is more reasonable. But where is the Save To directory displayed? Do you mean the "File Name:" field? The same problem could occur on "Tracker URL:" easily as well. And how about tooltips on the listview of torrents, for that matter? They already get truncated.

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Well, First of all nobody needs to go wild with filenames, i mean, aside from the full path, why would you need a 500 character long name ? I've seen silly things like <torrent actual name>[ENG][2CD][www.omgzor.com/whatthehellimreallycool.com] .. which is kinda pointless. This goes for tracker URLs aswell.

I was talking about the Save In: label in the general tab (which currently doesn't show, but might become a problem aswell).

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