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my suggestion is this, why not put an RSS button on the toolbar to switch the main window to the releases but using the main window of µt? Not tabs, i don't like them, but just switch the whole torrent list and general info window to the rss info.

it could look like a big ' T '. The top horizontal part would be to add/change favorites, and bottom left side would be to list the favorites, the bottom right side would be to list the releases.

it would make it alot easier to see the latest releases without having too many clicks to get to the rss release window.

voila, 1 quick stop for all your rss needs. the "add new feeds" window, that could stay in the options but a button to quickly add them would be nice too on the toolbar.

hey why not put the rss of the websites from the search engine in as defaults aswell in the Feeds window? they are pretty much the best sites around anyways.

Good job on a great program guys !

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