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Losing Connection, after Utorrent on for a long time


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I have been using Utorrent for years. I love the program, easy and simple. However, when i have a few quieries going about 3 to 5 at a time. I expected them to maybe be finished by the time i get home from work. However I always lose internet connection after its left on for a certain amount of time. I dont know exactly how long it is before I lose connection. I have to reset my modem and router then I get internet back. I also lose internet speed when utorrent is open. Searching pages and such, but other than that, I love it. if anyone can help me Thatd be awesome.

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im using wirless belkin card internet. I got upload at 0 which is unlimited. I dont know

ctrl g settings are:

affected settings:

upload 0 kb/s upload slots 4

connections 50 connections global 200

max active torrents 8 max active downloads 5

current port:


enable encryption is off.

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Belkin! Ah, that makes it WORSE. (they make crappy networking products.)

Going over about 60 connections at once on wireless + Belkin is just ASKING for trouble. :(

Disable: DHT, Local Peer Discovery, UPnP, and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window to get menu).

You're on ComCast cable, they mess with seeding.

They either give 1 or 2 megabits/second upload, depending on which plan you have and location.

Try these settings:

upload speed max: 90 kb/s

upload slots: 6

max connections per torrent: 30

max connections global: 50

max active torrents: 5

max active downloads: 3

Although these settings aren't the greatest...and running 5 torrents at once will mean slow download speeds on some of them...at least it should work ok.

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