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Pop-up window when adding new torrent


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the dialog to choose the files in the newly added torrent doesnt popup for me at all.

Either when i double click a file, pass it from the command line (ie: tvtad) or add it from µt's file menu.

The 2nd one from tvtad i understand since it needs to be automatic. Not that i use tvtad anymore anyways (thank ludde :-D :-D :-D )

but manually , it still doesn't appear. the option to show it is checked though.

the bug is also in 1.3.2beta

it worked once or twice, when it was 1st introduced.

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The same situation... :(

For me ideal will be when opening .torrent file pop-up window to pop ontop and main uT to stay in the tray... now add new torrent window and uT itself both pop-up from the taskbar... that sux :(

Now when clicking on uT icon in the taskbar even the main uT window do not pop ontop... the thinks are gettin ugly :(


all i see is beta 391 .. no 392 here

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