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"Error: can't open .torrent file" directory locations?


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I've only just started using uTorrent and was very happy that I was able to configure the ports and get downloading straight away. I got my first download and everything seemed perfect and naturally I don't want to be a leecher, I want to seed my download to pass on what I was given. Unfortunately, uTorrent can't seem to reopen the file after it was closed and reopened.

In order to keep all the files organised, I have put the downloads in different directories; here are my preferences for the directories:

"Put new downloads in: D:\Shared Docs\incomplete torrents"

"Always show dialogue on manual add" checkbox is checked

"Move completed downloads to: D:\Shared Docs\temp"

"Append the torrent's label" check box is checked

"Only move from the default download directory" checkbox is checked.

The torrents are also in different folders:

"Store .torrents in: D:\Shared Docs\torrents"

"Move .torrents for finished jobs to: D:\Shared Docs\completed torrents"

"Automatically load .torrents from D:\Shared Docs\completed torrents".

I guess my question is: how can I fix this so I can seed the file I got? It was seeding during dl of course and after that, but it didn't start again after I closed uTorrent and started again. I just assumed that with my directories manually set, uTorrent would know where everything was.

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NO! Do not set auto-load to the same place as finished jobs.

Edit your resume.dat with http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306 to be sure you only have 1 torrent with the same name loaded. You can also remove any additional copies (my_file.torrent, my_file.1.torrent, my_file.2.torrent, etc) in the torrent storage folder.

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Damn! That was a quick reply! I'll have a look and give it a shot. I'll be back here in a few minutes to let you know if it worked. :)

Actually, the torrent in the torrent storage folder, in this case "D:\Shared Docs\completed torrents" has been automatically renamed with the extension my_file.torrent.loaded. Is that normal and should it be renamed this way?

Like I said before, this program is new to me and I've only dowloaded one file so far. So there shouldn't be any other files or copies of the file. It's a pretty large file (>3GB) so I'd know if there were two.

Where is the resume.dat file? I've tried to use the editor but I've no idea how to get started with it. :(


Ok, looks like I solved my problem myself. Using the Bencoder to edit the resume.dat file was a BIG waste of time because I couldn't even find the resume.dat file, even after doing a complete search of both my hard drives for it.

My .torrent file had been appended with the extension ".torrent.loaded" and I think this is why it wouldn't seed/upload again. So I renamed the file name to simply .torrent and unchecked the "Append the torrent's label" checkbox.

Then, as "the littlefire" suggested, I unchecked the "Automatically load .torrents from:" checkbox so that it isn't the same directory as "the finished jobs".

Then I right-clicked the file from within uTorrent and did a "force recheck" and uTorrent began scanning the downloaded file and after a few minutes the file status changed, but it still wasn't uploading, so then I tried the "force restart" from the context menu and bingo! she fired up the load. :cool: Come get the goodies!

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You should double check the Queueing settings in the Preferences. You can control how many torrents are running simultaneously there.

Force Start bypasses the queueing settings. You don't want to use that unless you know what you're doing and can accommodate the extra slots used (the faster you upload, the faster you download).

Yes, the .torrent.loaded was causing trouble. Glad to see you changed that/stopped using that. You can re-enable append label... it helps people keep things semi-organized say if you have alot of MUSIC/APP/VIDEO or even have "Music\Classical" "Music\Pop" etc.

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Danke ganz herzlich "thelittlefire". Normally, I would use Shareaza for multiple music downloads and queueing but with Shareaza you can't rely on apps and movie downloads being the real deal (eg uncorrupted, labelled correctly or without viruses or trojans), especially because the download sizes are usually huge i.e. you can't keep downloading different versions of the same file becuase each one is not what you wanted, whereas with small music files it's usually no problem. I have known about bitTorrent for some time, then I read about uTorrent in Australian PC User and thought I'd try it out. The thing I like about the uTorrent and Torrents in general, is that the number of seeds is a fairly good indicator that what you want is what you get.

BTW, I still have only one file in my downloads and I'm only uploading that one file atm.

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