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Shortcut keys for tab switching please?


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Most of the tedious interface navigations already have shortcut keys, except for tab switching. The traditional style shortcut keys like the ones for the menu bar (e.g. ALT-F, ALT-O, etc.) are not suitable for interface navigation since the alphabet-based key might be needed for other important function. So my suggestion is to use CTRL-n where "n" is the numeric key (left side, not the keypad). Each number would represent the tab number from left ro right. For example (in µTorrent v1.8):

CTRL-1 = General tab

CTRL-2 = Trackers tab

CTRL-3 = Peers tab

and so forth...

Also, I'm sure that someday there will be new tab additions as µTorrent grows. I hope most of the users agree.

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