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first time run messages


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I think every time users are updating ut, several issues come again to the forum in mass. Some classic ones are port forwarding and firewall exceptions.

My suggestion is to add some kind of window, displaying all those issues and recommendations. It could pop up each time the user updates, probably if ut verifies it's the first time that version runs. It could be part of a clean installation, the update process, and if the settings.dat is new (folder change maybe?).

I leave the specific syntax to the devs. Some suggestions could be:

-"If you just installed / change folder / update / upgrade utorrent, please recheck and/or rebuild your security permissions / firewall exceptions."

-"Please update the language pack to the appropriate version"

-"We suggest downloading the updated utorrent manual"

-"Please first check the manual and the faq's for common issues"

I'm sure there are more examples, like important things the user should notice. Maybe you could find appropriate the same messages every time, or maybe you would rather think about both, general recurrent repetitive suggestions/messages, and specific messages that fits a specific version.

This kind of messages is also appropriate for the web home page. Instead of just displaying a big "Download the last current utorrent version", it would be wise to CLEARLY add those messages to the home page, hoping users will also see those also, instead of just seeing and clicking download.

(BTW, if users are interested in dl'ing the current ut version, they will do it even if the download link is not so big and is down in the home page. Let more space in the first part of the web home page to those messages, but near above the download link so people will see them, and you will save precious time later, for both users and mods.)

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