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Update to 1.8, µtorrent says the port is not forwarded.


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The icon below the program is constantly red and says the router is the problem.

When I try to test the port, it says it's not forwarded.

I have the windows firewall but I opened the port there and i'm sure that's not the problem.

I also have the firewall from my router but it is not on and even when I put it on and forward the port I still have the same problem.

My antivirus is Avast, I'm not sure how to check if it's the one blocking it but I don't think so. Oh and there actually is a problem, µtuorrent downloads go really slow.

I downloaded TCPview but I'm not exactly sure what to capture.


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I deleted all rules for Utorrent and made a new one in the windows firewall. I have no idea how to do this in avast but then again I never changed anything in avast for utorrent. Like I said my router's firewall is off and I never made a rule for Utorrent in the first place.

OK it seems I have solved part of it, the icon below utorrent is green now and when I take the test it says the port is forwarded correctly. Although my downloads still go slow for some reason. Can you still check though.


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