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hey guys,

well ive been trying to figure things out a couple of days now, my problem is that i have terrible speed on utorrent 1.7.7, i got a static ip address, ports forwarded, utorrent excluded out of the firewall and i really don't know what else to do...

my modem/router is a Thomson speedtouch 780 WL

i have vista with service pack 1

i se eset nod 32 Internet security but utorrent is excluded out of the firewall from eset and windows firewall.

the connection button is green but sometimes goes to yellow.... when i go and do the check if ports are forwarded properly they are... port for utorrent is always open. Even though the connection button sometimes goes yellow and then green back again.

my speed oscillate they go from 50... to 3...then 20kb/s im kinda out of ideas what to do.

according to a speed test i just did my stats are


1700 kbps and


208 kbps

thnks in advanced for taking time and helping me out.

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